5 Feng Shui Office Design Tips to Increase Productivity

How you organize your office space can have a tremendous influence on your office work and productivity as well as your work presentation. Not only should your space be neat, organized and efficient, but it should also promote a good flow of energy so that you are calm, focused and motivated to work. You can easily add feng shui to your office space in the same way as you would in your bedroom. Here are 5 essential feng shui office design tips to help you increase your work productivity.

  1. bedroom-feng-shui-setting-with-home-officeFirst, you need to make sure that what is behind you is not distracting. This requires a strong backing such as a plant. A large plant behind you will help to promote good energy while also helping to absorb any distracting energy that could divert your attention, keeping you from your important work. Fill the entire corner behind your desk with lush plants with a rich look.
  2. The corner you see when you walk into the room can set the tone for the entire space. A great idea is to have two photos in frames in that corner to fill you with good energy. Make sure that they are in strong, bold frames that will draw your attention. They should be placed appropriately high on the wall.
  3. Next be sure to consider the placement of your chair at your desk in your office. An ergonomically designed chair is often best because it will ensure that you are comfortable and able to focus. This will help you to keep great posture throughout your workday. Once you have you chair, ensure that it is facing towards the door. It shouldn’t face the door straight on, however. Instead it should be angled slightly.
  4. Keep elements of nature in your office space. A great way to do this is to keep a small rock garden in your office. Too many artificial items may cause an office space to seem stark a less personal. You may even choose to incorporate a water element such as a fountain or an aquarium.
  5. Finally, do some de-cluttering. Having lots of papers and items on your desk is distracting and can prevent you from being organized. Be sure to have enough storage for all of your paperwork so that it remains orderly and easy to access. Keep only essential items on your desk. Keep other things like staplers or paperclips in an easy too access drawer. This will help reduce distractions so that you can do work in a neat space. In addition, a neat room will be impressive to your co-workers and potential clients.

Feng shui is a great way to keep a positive, product flow of energy in your office. Get rid of clutter so that you know where to find your digital fax comparison chart and other important papers. In addition, fend shui can help you to remain focused, calm, and productive while working. Visitors will be impressed by your neat space and will feel more at ease with the comforting visions of natural items like plants, rocks and water elements.


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