5 Things to Do Before Filing for a Patent

So you’ve got a brand new invention and you’re ready to take the next steps. You want to patent your invention so you can protect in from competitors and others who will look to use your invention for their own gain. Find out the crucial things you need to do before you make your patent application.

1. Know What You Can Patent

In the very first instance, you need to be clear about what you can apply a patent to. This saves much wasted time and money. Your invention or idea must be made or used (it cannot be a natural process), it must be new, and it must be inventive (it cannot be simply changing or modifying an existing item). You cannot patent artistic or literary works, a way of thinking or doing business, medical treatment methods, scientific theories, biological processes, or scientific discoveries.

2. Know You Have the Funds

Applying for a patent can be expensive so you need to know you can afford it. Also know that you have the time to spend on the application. It helps when you use professionals like Sach-Associates.com as this not only cuts down the amount of time you spend on the application, but could also cut the costs too as professional attorneys are more efficient and know exactly how to launch the application procedure.

3. Do Some Checks

Make sure your invention is completely new by using a patent attorney to search databases of published patents, or you can do this yourself.

4. Consider Alternatives

There are other options if you decide that a patent is too expensive or too time consuming to achieve. You can, for example, apply for a trade mark that will protect your product if you are the first person to create the brand and the first person to take it to market. You could also apply for design rights to the “look” of the product. Or use non-disclosure agreements to protect a product before it comes onto market.

5. Get Professional Help

You can access free advice initially by taking a first consultation with a patent attorney to work out whether the patent application will best suit your business and your invention. And you stand much more success at actually getting the patent when you use a professional attorney. Few patent applications which are undertaken by individuals who do not have patent experience are likely to succeed. All advice will be confidential in all cases.

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