Best Ways of Designing a Folded Leaflet

Designing a leaflet is easier said than done. A leaflet may appear to be easier to put together than a brochure are there are fewer pages and less content to produce. But the fact that a leaflet is so brief makes it very difficult to get the design just right. When designing a folded leaflet or a single sheet leaflet you need to accurately define your audience, be clear about what you want to achieve, present your message in the most effective way, and use the best images to attract attention. And all this must be achieved in a very small space.

It’s easy to end up with a cluttered leaflet where the design does not help people understand or make use of the item. Your business needs a clear strategy for creating a leaflet that really helps promote your business or helps meet whatever aim you want to achieve with your leaflet printing. Here is a simple strategy for getting the best out of a folded leaflet.

Decide Who You Are Targeting

Your folded leaflet will not be of interest to everyone. You cannot create any kind of marketing collateral that will truly appeal to anyone, regardless of age, sex, attitude, and wealth. Therefore you need to decide who you will target with your folded leaflet. Build up a full profile of the intended recipient. Once you know who you are targeting with your flyer printing and leaflet printing your design will be more successful and tailored to their needs.

Pick Your Message

Once you know who will be picking up your leaflet, start crafting the message that you want them to read. You don’t have to plan out every piece of text at this point, only come up with a broad idea of what you are trying to say. You do have more space in a folded leaflet than you do with a flyer but that doesn’t mean you should fill it up with masses of text. Bring the message down to the bare minimum of what you want and need to say.

Choose Your Fold Style

Next when it comes to flyer printing, work out the fold style you need for your leaflet. This will ensure you make the most effective use of the space and also present a leaflet that is eye-catching and attractive. The single folded leaflet is a common choice and it is effective, opening like a book so it is easy to manage. You can have many pages with this fold style. The letter fold is divided into three different sections. The concertina fold has the content visible only when you fully open the folds, which makes it good for a leaflet displaying prominent imagery.

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