Brand Marketing: A Step by Step Mini-Guide for Using Print Media the Modern Way

Print media and brand marketing were made for each other. If you’re a business owner or marketing specialist, here’s what you need to know to get started with media marketing.

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How To Present Your Business Professionally

Coming off as a professional is important – especially today when people have so many choices about who they do business with. You don’t want to be seen as an amateur. At the same time, you don’t want to be seen as too stuffy because that can be a turn-off too.

Before you start, consider how you’re presenting your business now, and how you want to be seen by your ideal customers. If you’re starting a business and you go into a meeting looking for investment money, you’d better have a professional presentation ready.

Investors, even angel investors, don’t want to lend or give money to someone who doesn’t seem like they could run a business. Prove that you know what you’re doing, and you’ll be fine.

But, it goes beyond professionalism in meetings. When you interact with customers, think about how they might perceive you. Do you seem too pushy or are you just a pushover?

What kind of brand culture are you cultivating? Do you seem competent and confident in what you’re doing? Do you have an organized and systematized plan for presenting your brand’s message? If not, why?

Part of professionalism is how you dress. Part of it is in the tools and print materials you use.

Which Direct Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

Not all marketing tools are worth considering. If you want recognition, you should be using direct mailers, flyers, and brochures.

Direct mailers are probably the best bang for your buck. A direct mailer is basically a letter or postcard that you send out to potential customers, asking them to buy from you (in the letter). Sometimes, direct mailers are used to ask prospects to take another action, like sign up for an email list or some other mailing list.

Most of the time, however, they directly promote an event, product, or service. If you use this method, make sure you buy the best printer for envelopes and do a good job keeping the mailer under the designated weight for mailing (so you can mail it with one stamp instead of multiple stamps).

Flyers are used to promote an event too. Unlike direct mailers, they aren’t usually mailed through the post office. Instead, they are put up around a neighborhood or within a specified geographic area.

They work great if you’re catering to a younger crowd or individuals who typically hang out in social places like libraries, bars, restaurants, or dorm rooms.

Brochures promote your brand’s products and services without using the typical mailer or flyer Brochures work great when you want to hand out information at an event, like a trade show, and need a way to communicate your message in a compact format.

Branding Tools You Should Be Using

If you’re trying to brand your business, you will need various tools, like posters, billboards, stand-alone kiosks and promotional material. Pens, CDs, DVDs, magnets, and other promotional items branded with your company’s logo will help people become more familiar with your company’s image. This makes it easier to sell your products and services and reduces the natural resistance to doing business with an unknown. 

Billy Morton is a marketing consultant who encourages his clients not to overlook the power of print media in today’s digital age. His articles appear on a range of business blogs.

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