Innovative Companies changing the way we live

How do you hone your leadership style, and ensure that your company is staying one step ahead of the competition? In the infographic below, learn about the creative companies who paved the way for future leaders and innovators by doing just that. WSU Executive MBA Degree


A Brief History of The Fax Machine

The fax machine has been an important part of life for decades and while their use might be waning due to newer technologies, they are still used in many offices to send material over on quick notice, but where did the use of fax machines begin and who invented them? While the machines were most…


5 Feng Shui Office Design Tips to Increase Productivity

How you organize your office space can have a tremendous influence on your office work and productivity as well as your work presentation. Not only should your space be neat, organized and efficient, but it should also promote a good flow of energy so that you are calm, focused and motivated to work. You can…


Principles of Decorating an Inviting Comfortable Office

The office environment is very important to a company’s business image. Clients have been known to walk out of offices they do not feel comfortable in. Of course, those who work in the office must be comfortable also. Budget is often a consideration when buying furniture or decorating; however, just throwing the most expensive furniture…


How constructions have changed the face of maximum city?

Mumbai is definitely maximum city. Everything here is exaggerated, feels larger than life and seems like it is the grandest stage there possibly could be. From cricket to Bollywood, and from politics to the share bazar, everything in Mumbai is huge. From the scams to the urban development projects, from the slums to the world’s…


Lowering your IT Overhead

As computer technology began to play a bigger and bigger role in business, so the IT department became more and more important. If you’re a small business owner, the IT department could be limited to yourself, whereas a global enterprise might require hundreds of IT workers to keep everything running smoothly. Either way, making sure…