Cornwall Launches Social Enterprise Zones

Cornwall is the first area in the UK to benefit from a new government initiative; Social Enterprise Zones will be announced to encourage more entrepreneur activity in largely rural areas to improve the overall experience of living in such areas. The hope is that the funding will ensure it is the community not the shareholder that will benefit in the coming years.

Entrepreneurs that hope to create businesses within this initiative will do well to realise the strength of the Internet and get some local skills to help them take advantage of the opportunity being presented.


Search engines


Search engines are a dominant force in today’s business world. The Internet has become the first place that the vast majority of people go if they have a query or want to know more about a subject. Unless they have been given a specific URL to access, they inevitably go to the search engines and input either a word or phrase that will get them a list of company’s websites that relate to those words or phrases.


Any business needs to find a prominent position on this list if they are to get significant visitors to their website. Few people go past the first two pages provided because there is usually quite sufficient there to satisfy any researcher.


Local expertise


If you feel you need to make more impact then you need to find an expert in web design and development to help. You can do a search in your sector and see where you are on search engine lists, and where your major competitors are as well. If they are mostly far above you then it is time to talk to someone that understands how the Internet works, and particularly the way that search engines grade websites.


If your website is difficult to navigate then your visitor statistics may show that people do not stay on the site for any great length of time and rarely read through all the pages. There may be technical reasons for that or it might simply be that your content is not very interesting, or your products and services unattractive.


Visibility and evolution


Internet experts cannot solve the latter problems but they can work on the other elements while you concentrate your time and energy on looking to restore your competitiveness. The Internet and search engines are ever evolving; it is simply not possible for a willing amateur to keep up to date with the evolution and make the dramatic improvements in your website visibility that you might need.


Your website needs to be attractive and interesting; that is the way to make an impact and an expert will look at how to increase your website traffic by posting regular and interesting news on blogs and the social media that link back to your URL.

Why not find out more from a local Cornwall web design firm and get your online marketing plan in full gear to take advantage of Cornwall’s predicted business growth.


Image attributed to Stuart Miles

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