Easy Ways to Boost Employee Retention

How to hold on to good employees is something all businesses could do with knowing. If you can’t get rid of your employees even when you try, you probably don’t need to read this article, but if your employees are dropping like flies, then here are some tips to help you improve your employee retention levels.

Hire the Right People

It sounds obvious, but unless you hire people who are right for the job, they are not going to stick around. For example, if you take on someone who is overqualified for the job, the chances are good that they will move in within a year, probably to a better job. That’s OK, but if you just spent six months training them up, you have just wasted your time and money. To avoid taking on someone who isn’t a good fit for the job – for whatever reason – tighten up your recruitment process.

Appreciate Hard Work

Employees don’t tend to stick around if they feel used and taken for granted. We all like to be praised when we have done a good job. It’s human nature. Show your appreciation for a job well done with a few words of praise or even a reward. Buy your best employees a few drinks or take them out for pizza. Even a mention in the company newsletter will go a long way towards making a good employee feel valued and appreciated.

Professional Development

Nobody wants to do the same tasks, repeatedly. It’s boring and tedious, which is why we would much rather take on a job when we know there is a chance of promotion. Pay attention to your employees’ professional development. For example, if they want to pursue a masters degree in nursing, find out more about an online nursing curriculum from the University of Cincinnati and offer to let them take extra time off to study. This shows the person you care about their personal and professional development. As a result, they will be more loyal and hard working. The same applies to training courses that are work-related. Make sure your employees have access to such training and don’t quibble over the cost.

Pay Attention

Pay attention to what’s going on in your employees’ personal lives. Are they getting married or having a baby? Has their relationship just ended? Ask them how they are, and whether there is anything you can do to help. Show compassion if they are having a hard time at home and congratulate them if something nice happens. The little details like a birthday card or cake make a difference.

Hold Regular Appraisals

Appraisals are a two-way process. Yes, they are time-consuming, but if conducted in the right manner, you can fix minor issues before they become a major headache. Try to have a quarterly meeting with every employee, so you can find out if there is anything they are unhappy about. This shows you are open to change.

Follow the tips above and your employee retention rates should improve in no time.

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