Effective Tips to Streamline Your Payroll Management

Maintaining your payroll is vital whether you’re a new employer or an established firm.  It is essential that the payroll is managed with care. The data needs to be accurate at all times and the steps taken during the processes need to be consistent. It’s hard to stay on top of these duties, especially when you’re working with a skeleton staff and you’re lacking time and experience. However, you can use these following tips to help you improve your current systems.




Keep Complete Records

You must learn to keep excellent records as a business owner, and this is true for your payroll records. All the information of each employee must be recorded, including security numbers, the benefits, deductions, bonuses and details such as overtime.  Keep all of this information in a detailed spread sheet or suitable software and make sure you have a backup of this essential data.  Ask all of your employees to inform you of any changes as soon as they arise so you’re able to keep this information up to date.

Keep Your Payroll Account Separate from Your Personal Account

To help you manage your checking accounts efficiently, open a dedicated payroll account at your bank, so you’re able to keep your business finances separated from your personal finances. The money that goes into the dedicated account needs to include all costs such as the taxes and any additional costs such as insurances and other benefits.

Know When the Deadlines Are

When you run a business it’s essential you’re aware of when the financial deadlines are. If you miss these deadlines you could face additional costs and fees. Have a system in place that will alert you to the upcoming deadlines so you’re able to gather all of your information in time to submit it on time. If you work ahead and are prepared there will be no last minute rush and you’re less likely to make mistakes.

It’s also essential that you keep up to date with any changes in operations or legislation. Check the news regularly and seek advice if you’re unsure of what any changes mean to the way you manage your payroll. The government websites are full of updated information or you can approach professional services that will be able to help you.

Don’t Ignore the Need for Training

Training is essential if you plan on managing your payroll. There are plenty of courses available, you simply need to free up some of your time so you’re able to learn the skills. If you have employees who would like to manage your payroll you’ll need to ensure they have suitable up to date training too. As an employer you must allow the training to be carried out in their usual working hours.

Get help When You Need it

If you are unable to find the time to effectively manage your payroll, or are not confident in your skills in this area then it’s important to do some research and find suitable help.  Visiting sites such as http://www.berkeleyhamilton.co.uk/payroll/managed-payroll-services will help you learn about services that are affordable and invaluable for businesses and employers.


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