Essential Facts and Numbers on the Most Popular Fruit Juices in the UK

Fruit juices such as apple and orange juice have dominated the fruit juice and beverage industry for years, but if you think that apple juice is more commonly drunk in countries like the United States, think again. More and more countries, such as the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe, are finding a taste for apple juice. If you are involved in the fruit juice and beverage industry and would like to gain more knowledge about the leading players in the market, here are some essential facts and numbers on the most popular fruit juices in the UK.

Fruit juice consumption in the UK: the main facts

A study released in 2016 has shown some interesting and highly useful facts on fruit juice consumption in the United Kingdom. According to the study, the most popular fruit juice consumed in the UK for that year was orange juice, which took a whopping share of the market at 64%. But whilst orange juice is still unarguably the most popular fruit juice in the country, other types of fruit juices have slowly gained ground as well. For instance, apple juice made up about 14% of the market, whilst pineapple juice came to about 4%. Grapefruit juice was another contender, although it only made up about 2% of the market. Other fruit juices or mixed fruit juices also made up about 16% of the share of the UK market.

The study also showed some other interesting facts. For example, fruit juice consumption per person in the UK averaged about 14 litres per year in 2016.

Most popular fruit juice varieties in the UK

There are also some varieties of fruit juices which are more popular than others. Ambient fruit juices took up about 42% of the market share, whilst chilled (not from concentrate) fruit juices took second place at 36%. The third most popular fruit juice variety in the United Kingdom was chilled from concentrate fruit juice, at 16% of the market, and chilled smoothies (an increasingly popular favourite) had about a 5% share in the UK market. The least popular form of fruit juice in the UK was chilled and freshly squeezed fruit juice, at only around 1%.

The future of fruit juices in the United Kingdom

There’s no doubt that the fruit juice market in the United Kingdom will remain steady and stable for years, as any knowledgeable fruit juice manufacturer would attest. Orange juice has already become a very common staple in the UK home, but it looks like other fruit juices such as apple juice are becoming more in demand as well. There may also be room for more variations in fruit juices as well as the increased popularity of other beverages such as coconut water, aloe vera water, maple water, and even birch water.

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