Five Things Every Marketer Needs to Know About Profitable Product Packaging

There are just five simple things any product marketer should understand about product packaging. Here they are and what you should know about them.


Make Your Product Packaging Stand Out


Making packaging stand out is difficult. Everyone is trying to be unique, and yet most brand packaging is forgettable. If you want to stand out, you have to be willing to:


  • Spend money on great marketing.
  • Use packaging that’s memorable.


For example, if you run a frozen yogurt company, it’s not enough to have custom cups. You better have a crack design team and something like these frozen yogurt cups to stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, you’re asking to be patronized by fair-weather customers, not loyal fans.


Keep It Simple


The more complicated your packaging, the more easily customers will forget you. Think about big brands. They use simple, clean, lines with one goal in mind: get you to remember the essence of the brand.


It’s not about coming up with something clever or fancy. It’s about creating a symbol that’s easily recognizable in a sea of “sameness.” Most businesses create forgettable symbols. They create something that looks “safe” or that they think represents their business.


A sandwich shop might use a figure of someone eating a sandwich. A hardware store might use a logo that’s basically a hammer or some kind of tool.


They contain too many lines, too many colors. They’re not easily reproducible on card stock or in different mediums.


Brands that “get” marketing use simple logos that are easy to remember. Think about brands like Facebook. What do you see in your mind? That “F”, right?


Now, think about Medium. What do you see? It’s the “M”, isn’t it?


Think Nike. What do you see? The swoosh. What about Apple? It’s the apple logo. If you concentrate on all of the famous brands you interact with and buy from on a regular basis, you’ll realize that they all use a simple logo, usually vector graphics or at least simple Bitmaps, with no more than maybe 3 colors.


These simple logos can go anywhere, including (and especially) on packaging.


A Child Should Be Able To Understand Your Product


If you can’t explain your product packaging and brand to your 5-year-old child then it’s probably too complex. End of story. Redesign it until it’s simple.


Your Packaging Should Be Engaging


Your packaging needs to engage the customer and make them want to open it. It’s no so much for the people who’ve already bought into your brand, but rather for people who are thinking about buying in.


It’s for the person staring at your product on the shelf, wondering whether it’s worth the money. High-quality packaging implies a high-quality product inside. Likewise, no packaging, or low-quality packaging implies that you didn’t put much thought into protecting or presenting the package. You won’t be taken as seriously.


Create Brand Assets


The best packing is not just something that holds the product securely until the customer unwraps it. It’s a series of visual equities. It’s a sort of asset that becomes the brand. Think about the brands you instantly recognize: Burger King, McDonald’s Coke, Pepsi, Nike. What is common among all of them?


It’s their iconic logos, isn’t it?


Coca-Cola has a unique cursive writing. Nike has its “swoosh.” Burger King is sandwiched between buns. They have done such a good job with marketing and placement that when you see anything in the natural world that resembles the brand, you think of that brand.


The best marketing always accomplishes this: it moves beyond the marketing message – messages that can be ignored. Brand ambassadors and marketers have to create an icon, a symbol, that is imprinted in the minds of customers and prospects.


Christopher K. Jimenez is a sales manager. He enjoys writing about what works well for him. His articles are posted on many business and marketing sites.


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