How to Write a Successful Business Proposal

You may offer the best services in your industry, but if you can’t translate that in your business proposal then you will never become a key leader.

Large corporations can often release a Request of Proposal, encouraging prospective clients to bid for a job with a formal proposal. If you want to compete with your rivals, you must make the time to create the perfect plan, and here is how you can do just that…

Understand the Client

Before you start writing a business proposal, try to understand a little more about your prospective client. If possible, arrange a meeting with an organisation’s employees. Try to identify if they have any concerns relating to your industry, as well as learning more information about the organisation itself so you can tailor your proposal to their specific services and needs. What is the end goal of their project? Do they want to alter their management process? Do they want to drive more customers to their business?

If meeting with the client is not an option, you could always perform your own research. Reach out to previous employees to learn more about the company. You should also try to identify any issues the company might be unaware they had, and provide an effective solution in your business proposal.

Develop a Successful Strategy

Once you have researched a client, you should start to create a successful proposal strategy. Gather the team together to identify the types of services a client needs, ranking them from most important to least important. While some clients might be focused on increasing their turnover, others might be more concerned about refining the customer service experience. Your goal will then be to ensure that your services align with their requirements, developing a customised plan they could not possible say no to. You must, however, be transparent in your proposal, offering clear costs and benefits, as well as the resources you will require and the timescale you will need to fulfil the contract effectively.

Be Clear and Concise

Poor prose equals a poor company. Your business proposal will reflect your attention to detail, so grammar mistakes will not cut the mustard. You will appear unprofessional and inconsistent, so take the time to redraft your article until it is as perfect as it can possibly be, allowing your company pitch to speak for itself. Qorus offer some helpful proposal writing tips from some of literature’s greatest authors.

An Alternative Solution

You may believe you have come up with the best business solution for a client’s needs, but they unfortunately might not agree. It never hurts to have a back-up plan, which you can use if your initial proposal is unsuccessful. Develop Plan B with your team so you have another pitch to offer should the first one be rejected. You can trust they will be impressed by your work ethic and enthusiasm, and your next proposal might offer the solution they have been searching for.

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