Marketing in the Mobile Age: Reasons Print Media Still Rules the Roost

The use of social media as a marketing tool and the seemingly continual buzz surrounding the use of digital media would seem to suggest that print media is losing its relevancy, but that assumption could prove costly for your business.

Here is a look at some solid reasons why print media should definitely be part of your marketing strategy and why it could cost you lost business if you dismiss its relevancy in a digital era.

Too focused on digital

According to some research carried out by the Content Marketing Institute about a third of all marketers are so heavily focused on digital channels, they have simply forgotten just what a powerful ally print can be.

The general observation from respondents was something along the line that they concentrate their marketing efforts online because that is where most of their customers are.

The point here is that the online marketplace is extremely crowded and it is a struggle for many marketers to be seen and heard amongst everyone else who are doing the same thing and competing for customers.

If you become too focused on digital, there is a real chance that you may be missing out on a genuine opportunity to get and keep consumers attention, which is something you can do through the power of print.

Working together

Printed media is perfectly capable of working alongside your digital marketing efforts and you can even make customers aware of your online presence through using flyers and brochures as well as the ever-reliable business card.

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Customer retention

So many brands and businesses in general have almost tunnel vision when it comes to simply achieving the click and pay scenario that drives your profits but don’t pay anywhere near as much attention to customer retention.

A follow up letter or even a mailshot that makes your newly acquired customer aware of how much you value their online custom and what else you are able to offer them, will often have a big impact on the recipient and could make them more likely to buy again than if they just has a click-and-forget experience online.

The power of a printed advert

Many of us spend a lot of our time online and there is evidence to suggest that people are trending more towards unplugging, which basically means you disconnect yourself from every kind of digital media.

If there are customers out there who are unplugged and suffering from digital boredom, there is a good chance that they will respond well to printed material.

If you think that many of us still like to read a newspaper or a physical book rather than use an e-reader, its stands to reason that print media still has a pivotal role to play and could even help you stand out from the crowd.

John Sollars started his printer cartridge supplier company in 2002 which is committed to paper recycling schemes. He enjoys sharing his printing insights online.

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