Principles of Decorating an Inviting Comfortable Office

The office environment is very important to a company’s business image. Clients have been known to walk out of offices they do not feel comfortable in. Of course, those who work in the office must be comfortable also. Budget is often a consideration when buying furniture or decorating; however, just throwing the most expensive furniture in a space does not make it an inviting office. An inviting office is achieved through thought, care, and planning. This is often achieved by customizing furniture and spaces. Office furniture can often be customized if needed.


One of the primary considerations is comfort in an office. Office furniture in Melbourne and throughout the world is meant to support people and fulfill certain storage and work needs. Often a boardroom table is thought of as an imposing piece of furniture that sets the stage for the whole office. However, the table can be too imposing and too large for what it is utilized for. If the table is used for informal situations also, and for an impromptu workstation, it is important that it be durable as well as aesthetically pleasing.


Comfort is also paramount in perhaps the most used piece of office furniture, the office chair. Chairs are often picked up here and there at a discount, but investing in higher quality comfortable chairs may enable employees to sit and work just a bit longer with less strain and fatigue. Adjustable desks are another thing to consider, short people find it uncomfortable to work on a high horizontal surface, and the same principle applies to taller people and short horizontal surfaces. If one were choosing office furniture in Melbourne, it would be wise to invest in adjustable desks if possible.


Additionally, there are psychological factors at play when designing and furnishing an office. Simple psychological principles come into play when thinking about furnishings and colour. Bookcases filled with attractive relevant books can lend depth and the look of knowledge to an office. Glass is often a good choice for office decoration as it is transparent, of course lets light flow through, and people may associate it with nothing to hide. Filing cabinets are often thought of as boring items, but are now available in many colours and finishes that can brighten up an office. Colours such as grey, silver blue and tan enhance creativity. Warm tones evoke thoughts of a beach; a travel agency might benefit from using these colours. Dark colours such as blue, muted green and black are said to improve efficiency.


Office design has advanced in the past few years. Depending on the business, there are no limits, and any decorating style can be incorporated into an office space to create an inviting environment for clients and employees. Office furniture in Melbourne can be as diverse as pink and silver for a feminine office, or monochromatic and minimalist for a serious clean feeling. Businesses can truly have offices that represent the company, and provide a comfortable place to work.


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