Should the Legal Sector Embrace Changes for the Future?

The British legal sector is worth over £25 billion yet lawyers and barristers are not known for using strong online marketing tactics to advertise their services. Practitioners of law are not traditionally known for force-feeding the public their expertise, however, in recent years some firms have been making big marketing changes to offer more public awareness in areas such as PPI claims and personal injuries. The current avenues that most firms are using to advertise are obvious, people are expecting to see them appear on TV or hear them on the radio and it might not be enough now.

Online Marketing

With the rise of internet popularity more companies from every sector are using SEO marketing and google adverts, and with the birth of social media sites has also given even more options to explore for marketing. With online marketing, companies can choose how localised their marketing is and what type of people can see the adverts, for example, a Manchester solicitors firm and optimised their online marketing by choosing to only be visible to people in the local area over a certain age. This reduces the number of wasted views from people who are on the other side of the country or aren’t of an age that would require a solicitor.

Currently, most law firms are behind with the times and are still using more traditional advertising platforms, tracking referrals, using newspaper adverts and leaflets. In a digital age, it isn’t enough to impact the younger generations which will become their key target audience at some point.

Advancements in Technology

It’s a change that the legal sector needs to embrace if firms haven’t already. Streamlining paper services can now be executed online and most printing and photocopying outlets are adapting to the change in demand. Software companies are also encouraging change the legal sector, offering a cloud-based service to store all a law firm’s client information securely, along with billings, targets and marketing statistics. The future of paperwork isn’t sustainable and the pressure to go paperless is a hot topic for most companies.

Currently, legal firms still have a need for paperwork, the importance of a legal document isn’t yet truly trusted to the online world, but that isn’t as farfetched to consider when you compare it to the talk of “officeless” law firms, it’s more a matter of when then if.

The Future

The legal sector will need to adapt to the online world and the different ways to advertise on it, or they may be left behind and struggle to impact different generations. Companies like Gorvins are now using digital marketing to increase their online visibility and it’s a successful venture. However, there are other firms large and small that believe safeguarding “what has always worked” or believe their name and hard work will keep their business sustainable. For larger firms, it may work but with the current dependency of the internet, companies with the financial strength to invest in online marketing should be doing it.

Law firms are beginning to see a change in where their clients come from, currently, around 65% of clients are from repeat business, word of mouth and recommendations. But gradually this number will decline and the recommendations will come from the internet, and word of mouth will also come from clients that found firms online.

Article by Kyle

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