Skills You Can Pick Up to Boost Your Value as an Employee

Take a look at the previous two articles we posted on Sane Marketing and you’ll quickly realize how much pursuing a master’s degree – particularly an online MBA – can help you shape a better future. Thanks to distance learning programs from some of the best universities in the country, getting an MBA is no longer a difficult thing to do.

Online MBAs are rather unique in many ways. The courses available today are designed to provide you with more than just business administration and management skills. There are a lot of skills you can also pick up in order to further boost your value as an employee.

Information Technology Is the Future

Every part of a business’s operations is now using IT to somehow make the process more streamlined and efficient. A good grasp of information technology and how it can be used to make the company more efficient can really help you land the managerial spot you have always wanted. Fortunately, universities such as the New Jersey Institute of Technology are adding IT-related classes to their online MBA programs.

Information management and information security are the two skills companies are looking for the most from their employees. Information security in particular is a highly-demanded skill, especially with over 80% of companies’ operations now relying on digitally-stored information.

Don’t just stop at taking an online MBA either. There are specialty courses that you can take to further boost these skills. There are even free courses you can take online during lunch breaks or at night.

Better Leadership = Better Career

Many still believe that leadership is a talent; it isn’t. Leadership is a skill that can be developed as easily as writing or presentation skills. Naturally, the best way to develop your leadership skills is through practice.

Going back to school is the perfect way to boost your leadership skills. You will be involved in a lot of team-related activities, allowing you to train important abilities, such as the ability to spot other people’s potential and organizing tasks within a team. Even online courses allow students to interact with each other. You can also learn a lot from lecturers, especially those who are experienced in various industries.

Make sure you show your improved leadership skills off too. Volunteer to lead more teams when the opportunities present themselves. Don’t hesitate to convey your ideas, especially those that can benefit the company. More importantly, learn to connect with other team members better.

An Extended Network

Lastly, your ability to connect with key figures in the industry will be that one skill that sets you apart from other candidates or employees. By knowing how to connect with industry leaders – through social media, direct interaction and other media – you will be able to build a stronger network and extend it beyond the boundaries of your job or career. The bigger your network is, the more valuable you are to your current employer.

So, are you ready to boost your value as an employee? Be sure to apply the tips we just covered in this article and you will get to the position you want within the company sooner than you think.

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