The Battle for Broadband Supremacy

The battle for customers in the lucrative broadband market has become particularly fierce over the last month. With package deals becoming the big thing recently, whereby companies offer incentives for consumers to take out a bundle that includes broadband, telephone calls and digital television for a discounted price, BT has taken things to the next level by securing a lucrative deal for football rights.

A Huge Deal

As reported by the BBC, BT recently snapped up the rights for all Champions League and Europa League football matches. From 2015, the BT Sport Channel will be the only place fans will be able to watch these games live. This is a huge deal for BT and a bitter blow for its main rival, Sky. Some observers have also stated it is a blow for casual football fans in general as they will no longer be able to watch the games free on ITV, which currently shares the rights with Sky. Although BT has stated that some of the games will be shown free to air, viewers will still need to subscribe to the BT Sport Channel in order to be able to watch. However, this is the same as the current situation when Sky broadcast these games anyway.

A Bid Too Far?

The question for many people will be why BT has paid out £897m for a three-year deal to broadcast Champions League and Europa League football matches. Has it been too hasty in bidding such a huge amount in order to be able to deal a blow to Sky? Has Sky lost out by not trying to equal the bid or do they have another trick up their sleeve?

By securing such a huge deal, BT is hoping to persuade current Sky subscribers to switch their allegiance and sign up for a broadband, television and telephone deal. BT is already the largest broadband provider in the UK and is now hoping to increase its share of the digital television market in addition. Click here for more details and the BT customer service number.

Good News for Consumers

Outwardly, Sky has shown no regrets about losing out on these football rights and seems to be extremely positive about the situation in general. This is probably due to the fact that as far as its television service goes, Sky is keen to be seen as expanding its repertoire by producing its own drama series and comedy programmes, proving that it is more than just a sports broadcaster.

Of course, BT and Sky are not the only players in the game. Other companies such as Virgin and Talk Talk are continually offering various incentives for customers to take out packages for broadband, television and phone services. With the UK broadband market alone currently worth a staggering £2.5bn approximately, it is easy to see why the top companies want to grab their share. With ever-increasing discounts on offer, this only means good news for consumers.


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