What Makes a Great Exhibition Banner Stand?

When you invest money and time in attending an exhibition or a trade show, the last thing you want to do is set up a stand that no one notices. If you are using a banner stand at your next trade show, here is what you need to consider so potential customers really take notice of what you have to offer.

High Quality Materials

Don’t think you can get away with spending hardly any money at all on a banner stand or pull up banners – it is a false economy and you will end up wasting money in the long term. If you pay for inferior quality you risk damaging your company’s reputation with a stand that constantly falls down, or which is not properly visible. If you do not invest in quality for your display stand, how can you expect customers to take your business seriously?

A Clear Message

A cluttered and confusing banner stand and Roll up Banners is not going to make a great impression. When you have no clear message and too much information people will not be able to see what you are really offering. Make sure that your message is short, clear and to the point. You only have a limited amount of time to attract attention – don’t waste it. Make sure that the font you use is easy to read from a distance. Keep the graphics to a minimum and use relevant images. Use colours that don’t strain the eyes and work effectively together.

Coordinated Corporate Colours

When you are putting together your stand it is important to tie all the different aspects of the stand together to set up a unified presence. Using corporate colours on exhibition banners is a good idea as this helps customers recognise you and it provides a good opportunity for recognition for people already familiar with your brand. If you move away from your corporate colours and go for a colour scheme you have never used before, existing customers and people who know you will be confused.

Effective Interactive Space

Pop up Banners are not the only items you need to consider when you design your overall stand. You should also look at making the space interactive and appealing, such as using monitors, tablets, leaflet displays, and other marketing materials to create a positive impression.

A Simple Approach

Using a banner stand at an exhibition requires a simple approach – it should work for you, and it should not complicate your product or your message. A banner stand should be clear and easy to read and it will effectively communicate on your behalf.

Image: Image courtesy of sumetho / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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