What Skills Does a Successful Salesperson Have?

The art of sales is more complex than it looks and being a successful sales person involves a lot of smarts, charisma, people skills and knowledge. It’s quite a highly skilled profession and not everyone can be a good sales person. So, let’s take a look at some of the skills and characteristics that are essential for succeeding in the world of sales, such as in a field sales company like Tactical Solutions.



In order to get people to believe in the product that you are selling, you need to present yourself with a confident air. If you are too meek or shy, you will not be able to win over the confidence of the buyer. However, be careful not to be too confident – arrogance or cockiness can work against you and can discredit what you are saying.

You can show your confidence by having a firm handshake, speaking in a clear and confident manner and looking the customer in the eye. A friendly smile also helps to convey the message that you are happy, confident and capable at your job.

Ability to Listen

Your job isn’t just to deliver a spiel to your customers, it’s to listen to their needs so that you can better understand what they are looking for. Whether they are shopping for a car, a camera or a package holiday, take the time to listen to the specifications they are seeking instead of offering them something right away.

When the customer knows that you are offering something that is just right for them, they will trust your recommendation a lot more. They will see that you are responding with solutions that meet their needs, which is how you help them make their own decision to buy.

Problem Solving

Another important skill for a field sales person is the desire and ability to solve problems. Your job requires you to understand what the client is looking for, so that you can think of what the best solution is to their problem. Sometimes it might involve thinking outside of the box or using a product in a new and innovative way, so creative thinking is definitely an advantage if you are a salesperson.


A good salesperson should also have knowledge of the product that they are selling, so that they can provide information to the customer and answer their questions. You should also have knowledge of the overall market, so that you are aware of trends, costs and the bigger picture and can use this information to help you in your sales.

Never stop learning about your product and your industry, even if you are already very familiar with it. Every now and then do more research, such as attending a conference, reading a book or following an industry blog. Try out the product yourself if relevant and find out as much as you can about it. Being an expert on what you sell means that you will never have to answer with “Ummm… I’m not sure,” when a client asks you a question.

Well Spoken

As a sales person you will need to have good communication skills and be able to express yourself well. Most of your job involves talking to people and convincing them to buy the product, so you will need to be able to express yourself clearly. You might also have to speak to people on the phone when selling your product, so make sure that your phone manner is profession and that you can be easily understood.

If you mumble when you speak, struggle to find the right words, or don’t have the vocabulary to explain yourself, you will lose credibility in front of the customer. You can learn better speaking skills by practicing and taking public speaking courses that will help you improve your verbal communication.


No one likes a pushy salesperson who is in a hurry to close a deal. When people feel too pressured to make a decision on a purchase right away, they often feel uncomfortable and will be more likely to leave rather than buy. Instead, give the customer the information and a small push – then give them the space they need to make a decision.

These are just a few of the skills that every successful sales person will need to excel in their career. If a career in sales is your goal, start developing and practicing these skills now to gain the competitive edge.

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