What you need to know about Small Business CRM?


Let’s discover some interesting details about an efficient Small Business CRM, which will convince you about the importance of those systems, especially if you still don’t have one implemented.

The CRM management systems are adapted to match the current tendencies on the market, and amongst others, they offer interactive panels, complete market analysis, and precise management of activities for companies. If you are looking for a CRM solution, then you need to know that the Small Business CRM is a necessity today. Along with the implementing companies, you will find a large gamma of solutions for back office, which will help you to save time and money, making your activity simpler. Eventually, you will have to understand that such a program is not an accounting solution, although it comes with facilities of this kind.

Why do you need to buy a Small Business CRM?

One of the top reasons that might be convincing enough is the increased security of platforms. Sensitive data of your company will be easily managed land administrated, offering you the possibility to achieve the expected performance.

The Small Business CRM will help you to rule your business efficiently, with many personalized settings. It is a warranty for better communication in the organization, but also outside it, when it comes to different subjects, such as sales, campaigns and customer service.

The CRM can facilitate centralized access to business information, which will create new business opportunities. The software applications for managing clients offer standardized sales processes, which will save time and money on the long term. Other advantages can be the possibility to foresee the flux of sales, and to create a long-term strategy.

As the best solution to manage clients, with a centralized database, which will be the core of your business, the Small Business CRM is something to consider.

Now that everybody is fighting for better productivity, it is normal to have such a program, which will allow you to manage clients and to keep up with the competition. Using the system might be difficult at the beginning, but when you finish the implementation stage, and when you have some employees that are familiar with the system, you will also find it effective.

Saving 70% of IT costs

How is it possible to save 70% of the budget allotted to the IT department? By analyzing the solution of providers, and by adopting a solution of this kind as fast as possible. Today, SaS and cloud computing are necessary for any business, not only for the large companies.

Case study: Precise, USA Company with 200 employees that saved 2 million dollars in costs during a single year.

Precise offers technical support with IT infrastructure for more than 1000 clients. When they realized that they spend 60% of budgets on maintenance and licenses, they decided that it is time for a change.

Using complex SAP solutions for IT support is costly. However, Precise benefited of good IT engineers, which realized the importance of implementing Small Business CRM.

It was easy for them to find alternative IT solutions, to facilitate rapid administration of support services, marketing and client service.

The alternative came from the online world, cloud-computing being the most flexible and cheap, especially when it was combined with a smart CRM program.

The first priority was to find a solution for sales management. CleverTim, SalesForce and NetSuite were the chosen programs, and they needed one single data analyst to make the switch from SAP to the new system. This is not even the most successful example of effective implementation.

One thing is observed: when money is invested in implementing, the process will be easier, even if this means a bigger effort from the client on the short term.

Stan Gray writes on a blog about the pros and cons of the small business CRM.


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